Vote Nov 8th

I am running a “We the people…” and a “Common Sense” campaign!

Let us be heard!

No matter what your persuasion, go to the polls on November 8th and VOTE…

Of course, I’d like you to vote for me… Tell Others Too!

A vote for me is a vote for:

  • VISION and Leadership for a better FUTURE
  • Self-reliance and Limited Government
  • A business friendly environment
  • Keep jobs and money in the county
  • Retain our rural heritage

I cannot promise you any specific CHANGE!

I cannot promise you that I will FIGHT for you!

BUT, vote for me and I CAN promise that you will get someone with

  • maturity,
  • integrity,
  • character, and
  • experience

that can make things happen!

So, Let’s Begin Today ….

My name is Paul L Rudy Jr