Perry County Heritage and Beauty

We must keep Perry County rural and beautiful! With all our planning we must not let that change. Planning can protect it! No planning will let things run wild. It is my vision to plan and protect our heritage.

From where I sit there are a lot of great things going on in Perry County. We can make them better. We need a plan and to take individual steps to bring more business into Perry County. We need to stop being the bedroom community and stand more on our own.

I think that MONEY will be the major issue in coming years. Much of the money that we all make gets spent outside the county. We need to change that picture and retain more of the dollars that we all earn. We need to become more business friendly and create more quality jobs within our county.

In America, we believe in freedom and opportunity. We believe in free enterprise and capitalism. We believe in the American dream. And we believe that the principles that made America the leader of today are the very principles that will keep America the leader of the world tomorrow.

Using these principles will help make Perry County great for today and tomorrow too!

I believe in Perry County and its futureā€¦.